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Our Founder

St. John Bosco

Our Foundress

St. Maria Domenica Mazzarello

History of Rayapuram

Auxilium Navajeevana - Rayapuram
Salesian Sisters,
Jagajivan Ram Nagar,
Bangalore 560 018.

Ph: (080) 26741569
Cell: (0) 8867783072

In 2008 Auxilium Navajeevana – Rayapuram was started for the girls who completed their technical/vocational training and who are able to work and live of their own. They were between 18 - 20 years old. There were 11 girls who lived together under the guidance of our sisters. Since seven of them were well settled in marriage in the same year and there were drop out children were prepared to go to regular school, they were shifted to Rayapuram. Thus this centre turned to be another centre for little children. 2010 onwards the centre is made used for the school dropout children who are left of their own family would be unable to get educated. Orphans and children from the street and of single parent’ are taken care now. They go to the adjacent Kannada medium school. They too are followed and given an all round formation.

•   Formal Education
•   Counseling
•   Yoga classes
•   Dance
•   Development of Talents
•   Arts and Crafts
•   Health and Hygiene
•   National and Religious Celebrations
•   Value imparting Programs
•   Sports and Games
•   Picnics and outings
•   Home Visits
•   Children’s parliament
•   Life coping skills
•   Martial Arts