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Parents Meetings: Drops of Water Create the Ocean

August end we had the parent’s day. The resource person Leema Montero made the parents understand their responsibilities towards their children. Since Navajeevana is a home for our children she urged them to look at every child as their own child and therefore they should acquire the habit of sharing even the little they have with all the rest of the children. After the delicious tea most of the parents took their children for outings ad within half an hour all of them returned back with some packets of food items to be served for all. In their nothingness they showed their concern for other children. Other day we were surprised to see grandparents who bought their ration rice to be shared with all the children. Sharing even the little they have made our children to feel oneness and belongings’. Thanks to you dear parents for your readiness and promptness to listen to our sisters exhortations.