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St. John Bosco

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St. Maria Domenica Mazzarello

Special Visitors

Shri Harsh Mander I.A.S. Visits

The Visit of an eminent guest shri Harsh Mander I.A.S. special commissioner to Right to food, Urban Homelessness and above all president of the Center for Equity Studies (CES) was a memorable event. The staff and children welcomed him warmly with a melodious welcome song. Mr. Bahadur the Programme co-ordinatior of NRCC Hyderabad was present along with other Rainbow home network partners, All the heads of the organizations were welcomed with flower bouquets, shri Hrsh Mander I.A.S. sat with a children on the floor, had a chat with them, enquired about their condition before they entered Rainbow home and their life today, their time table, school activities etc.. And he appreciated and enjoyed their cultural items.

Thereafter he proceeded to the Dream home network for further meetings with different groups. We distributed snacks and sweets to all the visitors and children.