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Success Stories


I am Anusha and living at Kammanahalli. When I turn back to my past, I have many things to remember and thank God for His blessings. Now I am sixteen years old and doing my first PUC. I was with my Grandmother till 12 years old. My father took me to my home where we were happy with my mother and with my younger sisters. Then the tragedy struck. My father died due to the drinking habits from which he was not able to come out. My mother had to go for daily wages which also was very rare. Hence my cousin sister brought me and my sister to Navajeevana. Navajeevana is a ‘home away from home’. The Sisters are very kind to us and they spare no stone unturned for the good of us!

My younger sister Anupama is also in Navajeevana and youngest sister is with my mother. My mother struggles if all of us at home. I joined Jyothi High School, Kammanahalli. I put my heart and soul to my studies; I got 85% at my SSLC exams last March. I also stood first in my School. I am very happy at this great success. I owe this success to my Salesian Sisters, Auxilium Navajeevana who made everything possible for me. At present I am doing my 1st PUC and hope to continue with my studies and to have a bright future and live a decent life and offer the same to my sisters and to others who are less fortunate. I want bring them all to the forefront of the main streams of the society.