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St. John Bosco

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St. Maria Domenica Mazzarello

Success Stories

Success story of Elizabeth
For the past 5 years I was at Auxilium Navajeevana Rayapuram. I came to Navajeevana with a broken heart. We did not have a proper place to stay. My father was an irresponsible person. Though my mother was a handicapped lady still she is selling curry leaves at KR market. I had two elder sisters and brothers. After landing at Navajeevana, Navajeevana became my own home here I learnt ABCD lessons of life. The sisters were like a mother taking care of me and seeing to all my needs. For the 1st time I Learnt to appreciate my own self and I found out my own assets and the sisters helped me to grow in all the levels and 2014 I finished my VII grade. Last year I was forced to take care of my little sister who needed my support. This year I handover my sister to the elder sister who is married and once again I visited my home Navajeevana and here I got the inspiration to continue my studies. Same day Sr. Maria accompanied me to St. Therese’s higher secondary school where at once I got the admission in spite of me going very late. The intervention of Sr. Maria in time helped me to get fee concessions here and now I am attending VIII th grade. I am very happy to say I have acquired leadership qualities here at Navajeevana and sisters used to trust me a lot. Their trust in me made to grow bigger having a great dream in life. I thank Navajeevana for giving me new life and a home.