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St. John Bosco

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St. Maria Domenica Mazzarello

Success Stories

Mary Prakash

Mary our 1st PUC girl is our anchor at our celebrations. She holds the crowd spell bound with her beautiful and flowery English.

Mary Prakash wants to share her story. She says,” When I came to Navajeevana, it gave me a bright future and new life”. I was like a blown off candle. As far as I could remember, we were living at Kalasipalaya, and there I was lost at the age of six. I was taken to a hostel by some good people. But there I was treated badly and was like a caged bird. Many times I wish I could be out. Somehow I manage to finish my Xth class. I scored good marks. Always I had in mind to escape from that place and one I manged to get out it and I came to Navajeevana. The Sisters were very kind and compassionate to me and they put me for the 1st PUC. I was not able to continue due to the sickness of my mother. Since I did not get any love of my parents and I came to know that my mother’s illness is terminal and I wanted to be with her. Hence I discontinued my studies and remained with my mother till her death. Again after the death of my mother, Sisters took me and my sisters back to the home. I enjoy the freedom of a family here at Navajeevana. Every one of us is treated well by the Sisters, Staff and all care takers. We have given chance to study and improve our skills and talents. I am ever grateful to Navajeevana for being a ‘Mother to all of us”.