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News & Events 2011 - 15

Human Trafficking Awareness Rally: “Rebuild their fragmented life and plan to give hope and a future “with this slogan in mind, 15 Rainbow Home Children along with Mr. Padmanaban, Mrs. Manjula, Sr. Jacintha Lobo and Sr. Lizzie participated in the Human Trafficking Awareness Rally from Trinity Circle to Cubbon Park on 1st October 2013. It was organized in collaboration with many children - friendly NGOs to create awareness and express solidarity with Girl Children and women, the victims of human trafficking. There were nearly 2500 men, women and young people marching the march of hope and shouting slogans to safeguard the dignity of every person specially those whose rights are violated. The Children were happy about this unique experience on behalf of the suffering section of the society.

Delhi Picnic: “An Example of successful spiritual enrichment programme. “ Kumari Divya and Kumari Sathya of ANC Rainbow Home were selected to join the other eight girls of Bangalore Rainbow Homes to go to Delhi to meet Shri Dalai Lama the most renowned Spiritual Leader of the Tibetans, as he had expressed his desire to meet the Rainbow children all over India. Our children were highly excited to go to Delhi by train, to travel a long distance and to see new places and meet new friends. They felt happy and privileged as they journeyed with Sr. Margaret the Co-ordinators of Dream Network, Mr. Husain Social Mobilizer of VKH, Mr. Raju, and Mr. Bahadur the Co-ordinators of NRCC.The children interacted with him, took his blessings and offered a greeting card that was signed by all the children of ANC Rainbow Home. On their return they shared their thrilling experiences with all the inmates of Home.

Thanks Giving Day: “It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy. “ Auxilium Navajeevana celebrated the Thanksgiving Day to express and exchange the sentiments of love and gratitude with each other as in a family. On 8th December 2013 at ANC Rainbow Home, Chamarajpet, 185 children, Staff and Sisters of all the Centers participated in this celebration. It was a glorious moment of relaxing, recognizing and appreciating the presence of each center. After the fraternal family meal , the cultural items consisting of songs, dances, skits on the theme “ family “ were presented by all the children including the Staff. It was a memorable day for all. At its conclusion Sr.Jacintha congratulated and exhorted all to cultivate the habit of expressing thanks on a day today basis.

Christmas Celebration: ‘Love came down at Christmas. “ We celebrated the Christmas festival on 21st of December 2013. The children and the Staff had prepared a small crib. Sr. Jacintha Lobo, the Project In charge, Sr. Margaret the Dream Network Co-ordinators was the guests of the day. The Christmas programme consisted of carols, dances and skits after which the guests shared their short messages on the significance of this feast of Christmas. Sr. Margaret cut the cake and Sr. Jacintha distributed the Christmas gifts to the children and the staff. One of the benefactors sponsored a set of new clothes to all the children. They were also given special sweets and ice- cream too. All enjoyed the day- full of fun and laughter.

Outing: “Each day we lift our gaze and see anew. We are invited to open wide not only our physical eyes, but also the eyes of our hearts.” The children and the Staff took time to gaze at the beauty of nature all around them as they played in the park for hours together. It was the happiest moment of their holidays – playing, pulling each other, having fun, enjoying together in the fresh air and gathering strength to continue their daily studies.

Medical Camp: ‘Health is Wealth’. A free Medical Camp was organized for all the children at ANC Rainbow Home, on 28th December 2013 and 25th January 2014 respectively. The six doctors from Vani Vilas Government Hospital were at the service of the children to take their height, weight, analyze their cases and to prescribe the medicines according to their needs. Sr.Lizzie and the Children thanked them for their generous services towards 69 of them.

Lalbagh Picnic: “It’s not how much we have but how much we enjoy that makes happiness”. The children of ANC Rainbow Home and Navajeevana went for a picnic to Lalbagh on 30.12.2013 in a hired tempo traveler .They enjoyed the colorful flowers, gardens and beautiful nature all around. The Children spent time in playing, singing and dancing. The specially prepared meals, an ice cream and chocolates added to their joy. The trip became a memorable time for all.

Sports Competition: “There are high spots in all of our lives, and most of them come about through encouragement from someone else.”George Adams. To identify the high spots of the children of the locality, St. Joseph’s parish youth conducted Sports competitions on 5th January 2014 in the Church premises. The Children were happy to exhibit their talents and participated in all the items with a sportive spirit. The Rainbow Children received many prizes for running, lemon race and other games too. They also participated in the cultural events.

Parents Meeting: “Parents are the first and the best educators of their children.” On 12th January 2014 Parents/care takers/relatives were invited for the meeting at ANC Rainbow Home. 15 of them were present. In the meeting Sr. Lizzie the Home Management Co -ordinators animated the parents through a power point highlighting the heroic life of a girl child who constantly experienced hardships, poverty, and humiliations to a great degree . They were moved by watching the power point. She explained with examples how to take care of the children and said, the future of the child is in the hand of the mother or the care taker. All of us need to work as a team while giving education, protection and forming them to be the good citizens of the society. Sr. Jacintha spoke on the methodology of Don Bosco while bringing up the children. The Staff interacted and reminded them to have their caste certificates and regular savings for the welfare of their children.

Band Inauguration: On 18th January 2014 the band set was inaugurated for all the children of Navajeevana. The Sisters and the staff rejoiced at this great moment.

Value Education Classes: On 19th January 2014 Rev. Fr. Anil D’Sa Sdb animated the value class for the 74 ANC and Chamarajpet children from class 4th to 8th. The children extended a warm welcome through a song. He conducted activities, taught action songs, narrated inspiring stories and exhorted them to be good, loving and caring children. The resource person gave them tips to become active in their studies and demonstrated 2 minutes of meditation to increase their concentration in the class. At the end he encouraged them to write a good deed daily and thank God for it.

Feast of Don Bosco and educative Competitions: “The task ahead of us is never as great as the power behind us “. To discover the hidden power of the children and to make them smart and intelligent, Auxilium Navajeevana organized an eight days talent Competition from 8th January 2014 at ANC Rainbow Home. Sr.Jacintha, the Project In charge inaugurated these competitions. The children were divided into class wise groups. The main aim was to being out the best educational power hidden in each of them. Ms. Menaka in collaboration with others was in charge of co - ordinating the various competitions - Kannada Copy writing, Reading, Pick and speak, English Reading, Science Drawing, Table Telling, Drawing and Singing etc.The children to the full and the winners were awarded prizes.

Birthday Celebration: Birthday Celebration at all times brings joy and happiness to everyone. On 31st January, 2013 the Children gathered together to celebrate the feast of Don Bosco. The programme commenced with a prayer service by the children and the staff at 4.00p.m. Sr. Margaret Co - ordinators from Dream Network also was present for this programme which consisted of a song, dance and a skit by the children with a specific reference to the life of St. John Bosco. Thereafter a delicious lunch and snacks were served to mark this great festal day. The children enjoyed to their heart’s content.

Computer Class: From February 3rd 2014 onwards we started the computer classes for children in Auxilium Navajeevana. They are divided into five groups and the staff one who is in charge of each group takes care to teach computer too.

Picnic to Sangam: The Sixty six children and nine staff of ANC Rainbow along with Sr. Margaret dream Network Co- ordinators went to Sangam at Kankapura Road in Bangalore District on 8th February 2014. Children and Staff were so much excited and they did all that they could to make the day a pleasant and unforgettable one. Sr. Lizzie distributed the various duties for each staff. In the bus they began to dance, sing and shout along with the staff. The children played in the water hours and hours till their hearts were satisfied.